Product Overview

With the explosion of video traffic and social networking applications, speed and scalability are critical factors to keeping consumers happy.

As consumer demand for high-quality media on any device grows daily, cable operators are considering new intelligent solutions for their medianets (all-IP Next-Generation Networks optimized for rich media).

Cisco provides an end-to-end, DOCSIS ® 3.0-capable solution enabling multiple services to multiple devices over the same infrastructure to both residential and commercial subscribers. This solution will allow service providers to provide subscribers with the best possible quality of experience, while minimizing operating expenses and differentiating next-generation services from those of their competitors.

Cisco’s DOCSIS 3.0 solution with the Cisco ® uBR-MC88V Broadband Processing Engine (BPE) delivers faster speeds and higher density with a flexible and scalable architecture. The resulting benefits are faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, and higher revenues than previously possible, thus helping operators prepare their networks for the exponential growth of IP traffic.

Furthermore, the Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 DS Solution utilizes either the DOCSIS M-CMTS architecture with the Cisco Wideband SPA and Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V cable interface line card, or the DOCSIS I-CMTS bonding with the Cisco UBR-MC20X20V and Cisco uBR-MC88V cable interface line cards. This enables cable operators to optimize their networks for additional bandwidth. The solution provides support for both narrowband and wideband modems, allowing both types of cable modems to share the same DS channels. The DOCSIS 3.0 DS Solution is backward compatible with DOCSIS 1.x and DOCSIS 2.0 services and networks.

How to get the most from the product

Optical networks can be complex, if you find you need help or even a second set of eyes on a project, we can assist. Inteleca has a wide variety of services in optical network design so you can get the most out of your new hardware deployments.

As well, Inteleca can help you protect your networking investments. With hardware support services and asset lifecycle management, you can make your network live up to its potential both now and in the future.

Technical Features

The Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 DS Solution encompasses the following:

  • Primary-Capable Downstream Channels
  • Extensible MAC Domain Support Through Channel Grouping Domain
  • Virtual Bundle Support for Modular Cable Interfaces
  • Fiber node
  • Enhanced M-CMTS Channel Support
  • Load Balancing Support for DOCSIS 1.x or DOCSIS 2.0 Modems on SPA RF Channels
  • Legacy Feature Support
  • Primary-Capable Downstream Channel Selection
  • High Availability Support for Cable Modems on SPA DS Channels


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