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2023 Network Hardware Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Save on Costs

Internal IT Equipment in the cloud

As of 2022, there has been a recession in the tech industry. With both inflation and interest rates spiking, combined with a decrease in consumer spending and pull-backs from investors, the post-pandemic atmosphere ended up creating the perfect storm. Ouch, right? 

But here’s the good news: with enough planning, 2023 won’t be a repeat of 2022. This is the time to invest in IT solutions for long-term success. Right now, the overall trend is that businesses are planning to invest in IT infrastructure even more. Even though the tech economy outlook isn’t stellar, it won’t stay that way for very long – especially for those who want to stay ahead of the curve. 

So, prepare for the future and make sure that your year is off to a good start by knowing these 2023 trends in network hardware.  

1. Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Computing

Infrastructure hardware and software applications that are hosted on-site are almost everywhere, and there’s definitely going to be an ongoing need for these on-prem IT solutions. However, more and more companies are migrating over to cloud computing — and for good reason.

The benefits of cloud computing are wide-ranging. To start with, let’s talk about data security. Cloud computing has built-in security measures compared to many on-premise IT solutions. The main way that cloud computing provides higher levels of security is through encryption; this makes it less likely that your data will be stolen. The information that your company stores becomes airtight so that it’s less accessible to hackers.

Another benefit of cloud computing is that it can help your business save on costs. Cloud computing doesn’t require new devices or equipment. Additionally, the larger a server facility may be, the more energy is required to run its operations. Cloud computing decreases energy costs. 

Another cost-saving benefit of cloud computing is the on-demand services. A pay-as-you-go model gives you, and your employees, the flexibility of paying for only what you need.

On-premise IT solutions, such as many software applications that are installed on your computer, are going to remain popular. This is the main reason why businesses are shifting towards a hybrid or a multi-cloud computing model. Having a combination of both on-premise IT solutions and cloud computing provides the best of both worlds. 

Migrating to either the hybrid or multi-cloud computing model means that your company may no longer need some of the IT hardware that it currently has. In this case, you may want to consider the proper disposal of your IT hardware and learn about ITAD solutions, the most eco-friendly way to dispose of hardware.

2. Embracing Sustainability and Eco-friendly Initiatives with ITAD

Collectively, we are moving towards a carbon-neutral and carbon-negative future. Improper disposal of IT hardware can result in environmental waste, furthering the carbon footprint of our planet.  E-waste can impact both land and groundwater because toxic chemicals are released into the environment when IT hardware is exposed to heat.

You may also want to factor in security when you decide to dispose of your electronic equipment. Without a reliable vendor, your IT assets can be susceptible to a data breach.

As the leading provider of ITAD solutions, Inteleca is committed to providing sustainable solutions for IT asset disposition. If you are upgrading to a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud system, we can support your organization’s shift toward cloud computing and sustainability

3. Using Video the Latest Surveillance to Identify Misplaced Inventory

Another way to save on costs during the recession is to use video surveillance for your inventory. Video surveillance is another trend that’s becoming increasingly embedded within business operations, especially those with valuable assets or warehouses of inventory. 

One of the best uses of video surveillance is to identify misplaced inventory. Any misplaced inventory means you’re losing the product as well as losing the sale … which could mean the loss of a customer. Quality control of inventory becomes especially important for retaining existing customers and maintaining cost efficiency.

Identifying patterns of misplaced inventory can help you come up with a solution. For example, if there is a recurring product type that’s misplaced, then it may be the result of using the wrong label. Additionally, having video surveillance in place can deter theft while providing additional security for your organization.

Inteleca offers cutting-edge video technology to identify misplaced inventory. Our video surveillance includes the use of Smartsearch AI to pinpoint the location and time of an incident. 
2023’s trends are all about maximizing value and creating savings. Whether it’s ITAD or video surveillance, Inteleca makes the most of IT so our clients can get more value for their IT spend. Contact us and our engineers can show you where you can save more, putting funds back in your IT budget.