Protect your profits with next-gen video surveillance

Learn how this global manufacturer uses cutting-edge video technology to solve problems quickly, hold employees accountable, and boost productivity in their facility.

Effective video surveillance for
this massive facility

  • One mile wide and a quarter mile deep
  • Surrounded by a massive parking lot
  • 24/7 production
  • 600 employees
  • One outdated video surveillance system

140 Cameras and nothing to show for it

Even though this facility already had a large number of cameras installed, their equipment was outdated and lacked the resolution to identify employees when it mattered the most. It was nearly impossible to hold employees accountable or backtrack mistakes, and costly problems like these were all too common.

Property theft and misplaced inventory

Fights on the floor and in the break room

Speeding and accidents in the parking lot

The time someone drove a forklift off the dock and no one saw a thing

Smart Search AI

Integrated Systems

Complete Visibility

Powerful Resolution

Turnkey Solutions from a
powerful partnership

From your first call to the day you turn the cameras on, every step is covered through our partnership with Axis Communications. Both of our companies believe your video surveillance system should earn its keep by building a safer, more productive environment for your facility.

Inteleca provides project management services and, most importantly, all of the technical expertise and hardware needed to build the network for your new system.

Axis Communications is an industry leader in cutting-edge, innovative video surveillance solutions. Their experts join us in auditing your facility and consulting on the final design.

The roadmap to next-gen
Video Surveillance

Facility Audit

Inteleca and Axis Communications audit your facility to determine what’s needed.

Custom Design

You meet with our consultants to review and sign off on a solution.

Workspace Transformation

Accountability and visibility lead to a safer, more productive environment for everyone.

Claim the advantages of video
surveillance for your facility

  • Achieve greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Take security to the next level.
  • Make it easier to manage employees and resolve conflicts.
  • Quickly identify and correct costly mistakes.
  • Improve quality control and compliance insurance.
  • Prevent theft.
  • Gain insight into workers comp-related incidents.

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