Product Overview

The Cisco® ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform (MSTP) supports a 100-Gbps Full C-Band Tunable CP-DQPSK DWDM Trunk Card, which simplifies the integration and transport of 100 Gigabit Ethernet and OTU-4 interfaces and services into enterprises or service provider optical networks.

Release 9.6 of the Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP extends the total data transport capacity by a factor of three, allowing dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission of up to 9.6 Tbps (96 services at 100 Gbps) in the C-band.

The Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP 100-Gbps Full-Band Tunable CP-DQPSK DWDM Trunk Card is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • 100-Gbps wavelength transport over fully uncompensated networks, with more than 2,500 km of unregenerated optical spans
  • Enable 100-Gbps transport over very low-quality fiber with very high polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
  • Support up to 96 100-Gbps wavelengths (50-GHz channels spacing) with very high tolerance to filtering penalties
  • Improve overall system density up to 100 Gbps per slot, which is 5 times greater than the density achieved with 40-Gbps units
  • Support several different configurations (transponder, muxponder, regenerator) through software provisioning only

How to get the most from the product

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Technical Features

Compact Design

  • Single slot card slot design for high-density, 100-Gbps solutions
  • Up to six 100-Gbps DWDM Trunk cards per ONS 15454 M6 shelf assembly, supporting up to 42 100-Gbps interfaces per 42-rack unit (RU) bay frame

Flexible Restoration Options

  • Transparent support for UPSR/SNCP, BLSR/MS-SPRing, and 1+1 APS/MSP
  • OCH-trail protection through protection switch module
  • Unprotected (0+1)


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