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How to Beat the Chip Shortage with Repurposed Hardware

man looking at computer chips

How many times recently have you headed to the store, excited to grab your favorite bag of chips, only to find an empty spot on the shelf? By now, you’ve certainly felt the sting of supply chain delays and know it’s affecting far more than your salty snack needs. (Just check out the gas prices—yikes!)

The global chip shortage has been a real business buzz-kill, causing delays, price hikes, and more than a few stress headaches.

We know it’s brutal out there right now, but there are ways to get around it. 

How Can I Stay Ahead of The Shortage?

Let’s face it. Most of us trying to source IT hardware right now feel a little like John McClaine at the end of Die Hard—beat up, worn down, and wondering why it has to be so hard.

We need to approach the chip shortage more like MacGyver than McClaine. MacGyver didn’t get beat up much, because he always found creative ways to solve his problem. The MacGyver approach says, “What else is out there? How can I make this work?”

Don’t let equipment manufacturers fool you into believing they’re the only workable solution. There are options for reducing the impact of the chip shortage on your business—and it starts with abandoning the “rip and replace” mindset that prompts businesses to refresh tech every 3-5 years, whether you really need to or not.

What does this look like in practice? 

  • Enlisting the help of IT Maintenance Companies—Companies, like Inteleca, offer routine hardware support for your servers and network equipment so you get more life out of your existing equipment.
  • Turning to an IT Reseller – A trusted refurbished hardware vendor, like Inteleca, has the equipment you need when new items aren’t being manufactured fast enough. They have top-quality equipment from the best manufacturers in the world. This gear is thoroughly inspected, certified, and ready to keep you moving forward.

What Should You Be Asking Refurbished Hardware Vendors?

Purchasing tech from the secondary market makes sure you aren’t held back by supply chain issues. But don’t trust your company’s success with just anyone.

When you’re vetting refurbished hardware vendors, ask questions that give you a sense of the quality of their service: 

  1. How long have you been in operation?
  1. Do you have any certifications, such as ISO?
  1. What’s your warranty?
  1. What’s your lead time to ship an order?
  1. What happens if there’s a problem?

(Check out our complete list of 10 Must-Ask Questions here!)

And let’s be honest, the way potential vendors respond will tell you a lot, too. Reputable vendors should welcome questions and eagerly address concerns. If not, they’re probably not the people to work with. You’re meeting high-stakes goals, and you deserve some assurance. But never fear—there are amazing teams in the secondary market, waiting for the opportunity to prove their dedication to service and quality. 

Don’t let supply chain delays slow you down. Schedule a call with one of our Inteleca engineers to find out how we can help you get around your tech-sourcing challenges.