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How You Must Change the Way You Manage Your Hardware

man fixing a desktop computer

Here we go … another post about how COVID is changing the way we do things. (Have college kids turned this into a drinking game yet?) Even the way we manage our IT assets (ITAM) needs to evolve thanks to everyone’s rush to complete their digital transformations. Many businesses have added new hardware assets, and others with large numbers working from home have migrated to cloud services allowing them to no longer rely on network hardware and large servers for storage.

With a more widely dispersed network, businesses will need tools to automate IT service processes that used to be manual and need better processes and user training for adding in new assets. IT managers will need ways to better manage cloud services and keep track of software asset management (SAM). Businesses will also need to address all the ITAM issues that were put on the backburner a year ago. Read more on the state of ITAM HERE.

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