ATLANTA, Ga., 3/24/23 —  For networking product pros Inteleca, achieving a coveted triple-ISO certification benchmark is just the beginning. The International Organization for Standardization lays out and ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements and the highest standards of quality for businesses around the world, so securing the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 designations was “the responsible thing to do.”

So says COO Matt Edwards, who with CEO Paul Hogg, worked to position Inteleca as not only an innovator in the IT solutions game, but also a good steward of the planet.

“It was one of the most important aspects for me, not just for us as a company, but for our people,” Edwards says. “It would be a real shame if Inteleca profited without giving back. That may have been how people did business decades ago, but our generation needs to be much more responsible. We are striving to leave a zero carbon footprint, and these certifications show our commitment to that.”

Inteleca already holds an ISO 9001 certification that demonstrates high quality standards for its products and clients but wanted to go above and beyond to now hold titles for ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

  •  ISO 14001 means Inteleca is actively contributing to high standards of environmental sustainability.
  •  ISO 45001 certifies Inteleca as an occupational health and safety conscious company that strives to create workplaces free from illness and injury.

“We don’t just tell our people that this is a great place to work, we show them through our ongoing efforts,” Edwards says. “We’re more than just a company here; we’re a culture of change for how business should be done.”

As the IT industry continues to mature, companies must demonstrate responsible business practices to compete and stay relevant. Obtaining this ISO trifecta enables Inteleca to strive for the more elusive R2v3 certification that showcases its supremacy as a certified electronics recycler.

“As new product costs continue to climb, businesses are looking for more cost-effective solutions to their hardware needs,” Edwards says. “Repurposed products need to meet high quality standards, and these certifications show our commitment to that.”

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