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Inteleca IT Business Solutions announces official relationship with Trend Micro to deliver advanced IT security to its clients

Atlanta, Georgia – June 6, 2017—Inteleca, the global leader in IT Business Solutions, announced today that it has become an official reseller partner of Trend Micro—a world leader in highly advanced IT security products and solutions.

The newly announced relationship with Trend Micro is part of Inteleca’s ever-evolving suite of product and service offerings. The company has also formed new alignments with several other global IT solution providers, including VMware—all part of the company’s aggressive 2017 market acquisition strategy.

With the new Trend Micro suite of products and solutions, Inteleca’s clients will be able to better preserve the integrity of their networks while ensuring their data, communications, intellectual property, and other intangible assets are not monetized by unwanted third parties. With a unique combination of innovative next-generation intrusion prevention and proven breach detection, Trend Micro continues to enable global enterprises to prevent worldwide threats such as ransomware from embedding or spreading within their respective networks.

“As Inteleca continues to dominate the IT Business Solutions market, we knew that having advanced cyber security offerings was critical, not only for our success, but also for the success of our clients,” commented Chief Operating Officer, Matt Edwards. “It is for this reason that we chose Trend Micro to be our go-to partner—a company that is truly world-renowned for its knowledge and innovation in its field.”

Further to the Trend Micro and recent VMware announcements, Inteleca is continuing with its proven approach to IT business solutions, helping to create IT infrastructures that reduce budgets and that leverage infrastructure to deliver new and meaningful functionality internally and externally—proving that IT continually contributes to business goals and objectives.

The benefits inherent in Inteleca’s IT Business Solutions are many: running multiple networks on a single fiber pair, comprehensive network infrastructure planning, mitigating the risk of downtime, reducing IT support and maintenance budgets, equipment retirement plans, inventory management programs, asset refreshes, and end-of-lease terms.

Inteleca continues to facilitate equipment delivery around the world through its global partner network that includes Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Dubai, and Sydney.

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