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Inteleca IT Business Solutions announces relationship with Veeam to deliver data center availability with high-speed recovery and data loss avoidance to its customers

Atlanta, Georgia – June 8, 2017 – Inteleca, the global leader in IT Business Solutions, announced today that it has become an official reseller partner of Veeam®—the data center availability platform of choice for more than a quarter of a million businesses worldwide, representing 75% of the Fortune 500. Veeam’s expertise lies in its technology that enables enterprises of all sizes to ensure availability of virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads.

The newly announced relationship with Veeam comes just days after the company announced partnerships with industry leaders VMware and Trend Micro—these new partnerships are an integral part of the company’s ever-evolving suite of product and service offerings and aggressive 2017 market acquisition strategy.

Now, with Veeam’s Availability platform for hybrid cloud Inteleca customers will have access to highly advanced capabilities including enterprise continuity, workload mobility, compliance, and visibility. This approach translates to peace of mind for the enterprise, and to expectations being met as they apply to SLAs for data and application uptime. Businesses no longer need to think in hours or days—they can think in minutes or seconds for all applications, data, and workloads.

“With the proliferation of cyber attacks, threats both internal and external, and the increase of environmental influences, enterprises must ensure they are prepared,” said Paul Saunders, Inteleca’s Chief Technology Officer. “This situation, paired with today’s rapid pace of technological innovation, is forcing digital and physical worlds to collide—transforming the way organizations operate in every industry. For us, we wanted a partner who was world renowned for their expertise and innovation to ensure our customers had access to the world’s foremost technology. It is for this reason that we chose Veeam as our go-to-partner. Their in-depth understanding of ever-evolving digital transformation and the critical need for 24/7/365 availability, made them the clear and obvious choice for Inteleca.”

Further to the Veeam, VMware and Trend Micro announcements, Inteleca is continuing with its proven approach to IT business solutions, helping to create IT infrastructures that reduce budgets and that leverage infrastructure to deliver new and meaningful functionality internally and externally—proving that IT continually contributes to business goals and objectives.

The benefits inherent in Inteleca’s IT Business Solutions are many: running multiple networks on a single fiber pair, comprehensive network infrastructure planning, mitigating the risk of downtime, reducing IT support and maintenance budgets, equipment retirement plans, inventory management programs, asset refreshes, and end-of-lease terms.

Inteleca continues to facilitate equipment delivery around the world through its global partner network that includes Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Dubai, and Sydney.