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  • Internal IT Equipment in the cloud

    2023 Network Hardware Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Save on Costs

    2023 Network Hardware Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Save on Costs

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  • southwest airplane

    Antiquated Technology Caused Southwest & FAA’s Operational Collapses

    Southwest Airlines experienced a “perfect storm” when 16,000+ flights were canceled, creating a “catastrophic operational collapse” over the holidays. While storms contributed, Southwest’s outdated computer system turned the weather-related problems into a crisis. Southwest, which was using an outdated IT infrastructure, admitted that their IT capabilities lagged behind other airlines. In another catastrophe, the Federal […]

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  • hand holding a globe

    OEM vs. Third-party Support for Your IT Hardware

    To keep your network equipment running at peak performance, you need to ensure it’s properly serviced and maintained. But the cost of network upkeep can take a huge chunk out of your IT budget.  Companies looking to reduce excess costs to their IT budget, without sacrificing their equipment’s efficiency, should examine their options for network […]

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  • older woman looking at tablet

    Is Cloud Storage Secure Enough For Your Remote Office?

    Since transitioning to a partial (or even fully) work-from-home office culture over the last few years, many companies are relying more than ever on cloud storage solutions to keep their teams connected.  These solutions offer powerful benefits in affordability, scalability, and convenience. But there’s also risk in migrating your sensitive data to the cloud.  This […]

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  • it equipment

    Why You Should Buy Refurbished Cisco Hardware

    Cisco produces some of the highest quality network hardware in the world, and due to its popularity, it has usually been easy to find both new and refurbished Cisco products. Sadly, the pervasive chip shortage makes sourcing new equipment a challenge. So, how can you adapt without sacrificing quality? Well, any fans of the Rocky […]

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  • Engineer holding new device

    Why Refurbished Hardware Is The Smart Choice For Your IT Infrastructure

    Picture this: you’re designing your new data center, and the world is your digital oyster. The obvious choice is to buy all the new toys, right? Not so fast.  Companies all over the world have learned to maximize their budget by gearing up with a combo of new and refurbished hardware. Do You Mean Used […]

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  • storm damage

    Should You Unplug a Data Center to Test for Disaster Readiness?

    When it comes to data storage, security is the name of the game. Companies spend a ton of money every year making sure the data entrusted to them remains safe from being stolen or compromised. While it’s a no-brainer to ensure data is safe from the black hats out to steal your valuable data, it’s […]

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  • Computer repair equipment

    Repaired, Refurbished and Remanufactured IT Hardware: What’s the Difference?

    Unfortunately, even the best IT hardware money can buy won’t last forever.  So, what can you do when the inevitable happens and your equipment breaks down? Don’t stress, there’s more than one option to get you back up and running quickly. We’ll break down those options for you (and drop in a few Star Wars […]

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  • hand working on IT Hardware

    Overcoming IT Hardware Supply Chain Issues with Refurbished Tech

    Over the past couple years, it’s been impossible to miss the ongoing supply chain issues that have been messing with everything from toilet paper to vital IT equipment. And, to rub salt in the wound, it looks like things will get worse before they get better. It’s definitely inconvenient to wait longer for items we […]

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  • man looking at computer chips

    How to Beat the Chip Shortage with Repurposed Hardware

    How many times recently have you headed to the store, excited to grab your favorite bag of chips, only to find an empty spot on the shelf? By now, you’ve certainly felt the sting of supply chain delays and know it’s affecting far more than your salty snack needs. (Just check out the gas prices—yikes!) […]

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  • hand changing computer chip

    Battle E-Waste by Making the Most of Your IT

    The average business is projected to spend 22% more on technology infrastructure, staff, systems, and upgrades this year. Part of that expense will be replacing old equipment with new systems. Unfortunately, discarding old electronic equipment that becomes part of a landfill is a growing e-waste problem.  The Problem with E-Waste Global e-waste reached 54 million […]

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  • man recycling tech equipment

    Repurpose or Recycle Your Old Hardware: Which One and How

    Why Tossing Hardware Out Isn’t a Viable Option No matter how great the quality of your hardware, all equipment has a shelf life. Whether your equipment breaks or just becomes obsolete, there will come a time when you need to dispose of it – but how?  If Captain Planet taught us anything in the 90’s, […]

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