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  • microchip

    The Secret to Making Your Data Center More Green: Smart-Grid Ready UPS

    Even though workload across data centers globally has increased six times since 2010, thanks to better and more efficient hardware, our overall energy consumption hasn’t increased that much. But as advancements are made in “smarter,” AI-powered technology and as well as other data-hungry innovations that seek to improve our personal and professional lives, data center […]

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  • man and woman looking at technology

    4 Mistakes Technology Companies Make When Buying Hardware

    In a world where every company is a technology company, strategic investments in your IT infrastructure are critical to business success. But before you whip out that credit card, take a few minutes to consider these four common mistakes companies make when buying hardware.  At the very least, a poor purchasing decision might cause a […]

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  • table filled with computers

    5 Things to Consider For Responsibly Retiring IT Infrastructure

    As your business grows and expands, so do your technology needs. Maybe you’re thinking about replacing some of your old, damaged, or unnecessary technology. Or maybe you’ve already purchased and installed replacements, and you’re left with a bunch of old hardware, collecting dust and taking up space in storage. It’s time to nail down a […]

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  • man looking at laptop in server room

    5 Ways to Reduce Your IT Costs

    Your bottom line. …not that one where your butt meets your upper thigh. … I mean when it comes to your business. Yea, that one. Sorry to remind you. I know many days it can seem like no matter how much you slash and cut, it’s still not enough. You still need to slash some […]

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  • man with hoodie looking at laptop

    With Increasing Cyber Attacks, How Do IT Managers Battle Shadow Devices?

    Over 2400 governments, schools, and healthcare agencies dealt with ransomware attacks in 2020. Shadow devices pose an increasing security threat to businesses trying to shield themselves from these attacks, according to a new report from Infoblox, since shadow devices open an organization up to engineering hacks, phishing, and malware injection. The report claims 35% of […]

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  • Happy Businessman Sitting At Office Desk Looking At Computer Screen

    The Right Way to Monitor Employee Computer Use

    Nobody likes creepers. However, employee monitoring technology is becoming almost as common as us being tracked by Facebook and Amazon. Nearly 80% of companies digitally monitor employees, and about half have fired employees for internet and email infractions, according to research from the ePolicy Institute. While employers have the legal right to track internet activity, […]

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  • Cheerful young manager handshaking with new employee

    8 Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Manager

    The process of hiring an employee is an investment requiring a considerable amount of time. … which equals money. … and sometimes literal funds. Depending on the source, researchers claim it costs anywhere from $4,000 to $7,600 to hire a new employee (ouch!). This is why it’s so important to hire the right person for […]

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  • The abstract image of the inside of hard disk

    Why You Can Buy NEW Hardware from the Secondary (Used) Market

    Based on its rate of growth, the management at a large internet service provider (let’s call them … Definity) thinks they’ll need a certain amount of the latest wireless modems for their customers. Definity orders that amount (plus a few extra just in case) from a major manufacturer (OEM) like Cisco. However, their customer base […]

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  • Engineer showing a computer microchip

    How Secondary Hardware Rises Above a Global Chip Shortage

    Toilet paper, lumber, and now … computer chips. That’s right; car companies and consumer electronics are duking it out over a tight supply of semiconductor chips, and some larger companies have been stockpiling chips as if they were packs of 3-ply Charmin in 2020. Obviously, the shortage of these parts used in notebook computers, smartphones, […]

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  • abstract image of business

    5 Ways Outsourcing IT Services Saves Money

    When it comes to managing your technology, all businesses have to make the decision to hire their own team to handle it or outsource it to a company providing IT services. In order to decide, most of them evaluate the level of service and convenience of having IT in-house versus the cost. … and cost, […]

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  • man fixing a desktop computer

    How You Must Change the Way You Manage Your Hardware

    Here we go … another post about how COVID is changing the way we do things. (Have college kids turned this into a drinking game yet?) Even the way we manage our IT assets (ITAM) needs to evolve thanks to everyone’s rush to complete their digital transformations. Many businesses have added new hardware assets, and […]

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  • man with protective glasses fixing a desktop computer

    10 Questions to Ask a Refurbished Hardware Vendor

    In a previous post, I shared with you how, when it comes to hardware, secondary is often better than the first. Once you realize I’m right and you decide to purchase from a vendor in the secondary market (I jest, but really, secondary is lit!), there are a few questions you should ask to make […]

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