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planIT Hardware aligns with Global IT Hardware Distributors to provide Cisco, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Brocade, HP, Dell, IBM and Lenovo

Launches new brand—Inteleca IT Business Solutions—to further garner North American marketshare.

planIT, one of North America’s leading providers of IT Network Hardware, announced today it will further align with global IT hardware distributors to provide end-to-end IT Business Solutions for companies that utilize brands such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Brocade, HP, Dell, IBM and Lenovo in their network architecture. This new alignment is a strategic effort to enhance planIT’s marketshare throughout North America. As part of the new alignment initiative to bring global brands to its clients, the company has undergone a comprehensive rebrand: investing a significant amount in the company’s infrastructure and emerging as Inteleca IT Business Solutions.

Inteleca (formerly planIT Hardware) has become the de facto company in providing top companies with infrastructure and architecture design, hardware procurement, and maintenance services, excelling in the design of vendor-neutral solutions. Furthermore, Inteleca is in the vanguard for its cutting-edge Cisco Optical Networking Solutions.

Now, as Inteleca, it continues to represent all the major technology brands. In addition, the company is an industry leader in all aspects of the secondary IT hardware market, including new and Inteleca-certified, pre-owned networking hardware. It is also an integral part of a global partner network that facilitates equipment delivery worldwide.

“This has been an incredibly exciting year for all of us here at Inteleca,” commented Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hogg. “With our marketshare continuing to expand into all aspects of private and public sectors, we felt that it was necessary not only to rebrand, but also to make a significant investment in our infrastructure, team, and communications efforts. Our clients will continue to enjoy superior service—our commitment to our clients is an integral part of our continuing evolution. And now with our enhanced infrastructure, reach and communications initiatives, our clients will greatly benefit from the streamlined processes we have instituted to achieve operational excellence.”

“We have always remained focused on ensuring our team, our processes, and our delivery methodology is at the forefront of our operational infrastructure,” said Matt Edwards, Inteleca’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our level of scrutiny as it pertains to our in-depth product knowledge and the expertise to implement network design for the most demanding IT environments, is what has brought us to the forefront of the industry. Now, with the investments we have made to further align with our chosen technology vendors, paired with our compliance with ISO 9001:2008, we will ensure that Inteleca always delivers consistent, high-quality products and services to our clients. This next phase in our company’s growth, for both us and our clients, is set to be an exciting and beneficial time for all.”

Inteleca’s new focus on IT Business Solutions is aimed at mitigating the risk of downtime, reducing IT support and maintenance budgets, and delivering equipment retirement plans, asset refreshes, inventory management programs and end-of-lease terms. Furthermore, the company will now offer for decommissioned assets a variety of resale solutions: outright purchase, consignment, trade-in for future credit, or a combination of these approaches. For assets that have no recoverable value, Inteleca offers responsible recycling solutions according to EPA guidelines.

Inteleca remains headquartered in Smyrna, Georgia, USA.

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