Equipment Configuration & Installation

Your hardware delivered and installed to your specifications and expectations, and ready to expedite your next technology project

Professional IT Equipment Configuration

The time and effort that it takes to properly stage and configure IT hardware can tax the best of IT departments. After all, the attention to detail needed to ensure all equipment is configured in a manner that will allow for safe and seamless installation takes both time and much needed resources.

The Value of Professional Services

By allowing professionals to manage the configuration, IT teams can concentrate on more business-critical projects, all while saving time and minimizing risk.

Staged, Tested & Ready

We offer comprehensive Equipment Configuration Services—created to ensure that all equipment is staged, tested, and readied for installation—meeting all specifications, expectations, and vastly expediting technology projects. In fact, our highly controlled environment enables our skilled engineers to prepare all aspects of new and refurbished equipment including:


  • Performing system code upgrades and installations
  • Testing hardware/module functionality and software recognition through a power-on assembled product
  • Eliminating marginal hardware by applying power for a minimum of eight hours
  • Designing a configuration to bring about the required functionality
  • Loading the configuration into the equipment and then saving it to product specification configuration memory
  • Installing and testing the configuration using lab equipment as network simulators such as T-1s, routers, switches, firewalls, and frame relays
  • Collaborating with your employees to identify their project specifications such as special applications, formats, protocols, and site locations

Professional IT Equipment Installation

Getting new IT hardware is always exciting. It can represent the next stage in new business projects, the acceleration of business goals, or the mere expansion of the data center. However, in any of these cases, new hardware also represents valuable time and budget spent by IT staff installing the new hardware—time and money that should be spent on far more desirable projects.

Maximize Time & Value

Engaging a professional team of engineers to properly install your new equipment will enable you to save on resources, budget, and more. Our highly skilled engineers are trained in all major manufacturers’ equipment and subsequent technology, ensuring deployments are completed to stringent industry standards.

Furthermore, our engineers can expedite rollouts of new projects by managing multiple installations at multiple sites, simultaneously—meaning that you can shorten project times all while increasing IT’s ROI.

Choose the right solution for your next IT project

Our solutions have been designed to solve any IT challenge regardless of scope or size. In fact, we can custom design a solution that fits the scope of any project from design through to implementation and beyond.

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