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IT Infrastructure & Architecture

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What is IT Infrastructure & Architecture?

Is accelerating data growth putting pressure on your IT infrastructure? Whether you’re looking for robust and agile functionality for your data center, or require affordable hardware to extend your data center infrastructure, our comprehensive IT Architecture Solutions can solve many of your IT business challenges.

We offer a full spectrum of IT Architecture Solutions for your data center: networking, servers, storage, power systems and accessories. With our knowledge and expertise of data center technologies, we can either architect a customized solution or we can deliver the complementary technologies that will enhance performance.

Our certified technicians and product specialists work with you to develop flexible and scalable data center solutions, to align them with your business goals, and to ensure they evolve to meet your needs in the future. In addition, our technicians rigorously inspect and test our IT equipment. In fact, we have such confidence in our processes and in the high quality and durability of our IT equipment, that we offer our clients a Lifetime Warranty.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Are you facing the challenge of upgrading or supplementing your current IT framework, relocating your offices, or constructing an entirely new infrastructure? If you are, then you are facing a process that is as complex as the infrastructure itself.

In most instances, the hardware itself is the primary objective. Ensuring we procure the right hardware is crucial as it must be aligned to meet your business requirements. Your infrastructure must also be flexible, so as your needs evolve your infrastructure will support new initiatives and ongoing growth. At Inteleca, we pride ourselves not only on our flexibility to deliver equipment from many different manufacturers, but also our ability to acquire hardware based entirely on your brand preference—all while ensuring the best price and most reliable solution that will fit both your budget and your needs.

The correct hardware configuration is key as this will ensure that all business applications run smoothly. That said, a large gap exists between opening a box and having the hardware inside work as planned. Our team will configure the hardware—from installing custom images, to tailoring factory settings to your specific IT needs, to labeling devices—saving your company time and increasing your productivity.

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Navigating The IT Process

We have designed our IT Infrastructure Solutions to help you navigate the process. Whether it’s procuring hardware based upon your manufacturer preferences, configuring and deploying hardware to meet your specifications, or providing user acceptance testing (UAT) before deployment, we can meet your needs.

Why Partner With Us?

Inteleca bundles world-renowned expertise with the most reliable technology to provide measurable impact on our clients’ businesses.

Data Management Advice

Through our Inteleca-certified equipment paired with our advanced IT infrastructure knowledge, we can help you choose the right technology while greatly reducing your hardware costs.

Enormous Financial Savings

Our highly skilled team can augment internal projects to assist in everything from network architecture to design—enabling you to concentrate on other projects while increasing productivity.

Our Process/ What To Expect

Your business needs matter most. Inteleca meets those needs by designing and deploying  powerful, flexible IT solutions that are fully guaranteed by our team of certified-tech experts. Here’s how it works.


Step 1: Solve Problems

Inteleca’s team of certified tech experts works with you to analyze your existing IT system and identify areas of weakness in order to create the best, most resourceful solution.


Step 2: Source Custom Solutions

To make sure every IT solution meets the exact needs of your business our team covers not only the technical specs, but also pays special attention to the project budget to meet financial specs as well.


Step 3: Reinforce Infrastructure

Our extensive hardware inventory and ability to source equipment from our world-wide network allows our experts to make the perfect recommendations for upgrading or refreshing your existing infrastructure.


Step 4: Design u0026 Deploy

Inteleca works with you to design and deploy your new IT infrastructure while causing as little disruption to your business’s workflow as possible, leaving you with a powerful, flexible IT solution ready to propel your business forward.

Let’s Work Together to Build Your IT Solutions

Our solutions have been designed to solve any IT challenge regardless of scope or size. In fact, we can custom design a solution that fits the scope of any project from design through to implementation and beyond.