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Physical Surveillance

Protect Your Business and Employees with Video Surveillance

Investing in a video security system is crucial for any place of business. With security cameras installed, overall safety is increased and the chances of break-ins or burglaries are greatly reduced. Video surveillance systems improve business operations and compliance while also deterring legal claims and fraud, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business.

Protect Your Profits with Next-Gen Video Surveillance

Learn how this global manufacturer uses cutting-edge video technology to solve problems quickly, hold employees accountable, and boost productivity in their facility.

Our Process/ What To Expect

Your business needs matter most. Inteleca meets those needs by designing and deploying  powerful, flexible IT solutions that are fully guaranteed by our team of certified-tech experts. Here’s how it works.


Step 1: Solve Problems

Inteleca’s team of certified tech experts works with you to analyze your existing IT system and identify areas of weakness in order to create the best, most resourceful solution.


Step 2: Source Custom Solutions

To make sure every IT solution meets the exact needs of your business our team covers not only the technical specs, but also pays special attention to the project budget to meet financial specs as well.


Step 3: Reinforce Infrastructure

Our extensive hardware inventory and ability to source equipment from our world-wide network allows our experts to make the perfect recommendations for upgrading or refreshing your existing infrastructure.


Step 4: Design & Deploy

Inteleca works with you to design and deploy your new IT infrastructure while causing as little disruption to your business’s workflow as possible, leaving you with a powerful, flexible IT solution ready to propel your business forward.

Related Products

Great products work together. Here are some other products that may work well with your system.

Cisco ASA 5585-X Firewall Edition hardware firewall 2U 10000 Mbit/s


Cisco ASA5515-IPS-K9 hardware firewall 1U 1200 Mbit/s


Cisco VPN ISM f/ ISR G2 2921 VPN security equipment


Let’s Work Together to Build Your IT Solutions

Our solutions have been designed to solve any IT challenge regardless of scope or size. In fact, we can custom design a solution that fits the scope of any project from design through to implementation and beyond.