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The 5 Pillars of Digital Transformation — Are You Missing One?

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As COVID-19 ushered in the need to be digitally connected, businesses jumped on the digital transformation bandwagon. How their transformations are going … that’s another story altogether! 

How successful or how speedily a business is able to transform is highly dependent on whether its leaders took the time to figure out the 5 Pillars of Digital Transformation. Businesses having that foundation will make the transformation smoothly; those that don’t may experience some turbulence on their journey. 

Learn more about the 5 pillars HERE, and then take some time to evaluate your transformation efforts against them. If you’re missing one (or a couple), it’s time to pause your plans and make some big decisions before continuing. Better to make changes now than to go through the transformation and later realize you wasted money making unnecessary changes and need to spend more money to make adjustments.

Inteleca can advise you as you form a digital transformation plan and as your business makes its transformation, analyzing your needs, recommending the best IT architecture and secondary hardware, designing your network and data center, and sharing how you can keep it all secure. Schedule a consultation with one of our engineers HERE.