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Protect Your Profits with Next-Gen Video Surveillance

Learn how this global manufacturer uses cutting-edge video technology to solve problems quickly, hold employees accountable, and boost productivity in their facility.


Effective Video Surveillance for this Massive Facility

Meet the subject of our case study, a sprawling manufacturing plant in the Southern United States.

● One mile wide and a quarter mile deep

● Surrounded by a massive parking lot

● 24/7 production

● 600 employees

● One outdated video surveillance system

140 Cameras and NOTHING to Show For It.

Even though this facility already had a large number of cameras installed, their equipment was outdated and lacked the resolution to identify employees when it mattered the most.

It was nearly impossible to hold employees accountable or backtrack mistakes, and costly problems like these were all too common.

Property theft and misplaced inventory

Fights on the floor and in the break room

Speeding and accidents in the parking lot

And our personal favorite: the time someone drove a forklift off the dock and no one saw a thing

SOLUTION: SmartSearch AI

One of the most powerful features of this facility’s new video system is SmartSearch AI technology. When something is misplaced or an incident occurs, their team simply goes back in time on the video feed, draws a box around the item or person in question, and the system searches the video database to pinpoint every location and time that person or item appeared on camera.

Shortly after installing this system, the facility used SmartSearch AI to recover $200K worth of misplaced inventory. A search which would have taken hours or even days in the past took minutes to resolve, and their investment in the new video system paid for itself!

SOLUTION: Integrated Systems

Network integration allows their cameras to collaborate through AI and coordinate security access points, motion detectors, alarms, and even key fobs. This gives them the ability to track an individual’s movement throughout the facility.

There’s also greater accountability and security when allowing outsiders to access the building. Visitors at any door can be routed on a video feed to a specific contact to be identified and admitted to the building using a smartphone app.

SOLUTION: Complete Visibility

This facility’s legacy video system was compromised by massive blind spots, not the least of which were their sprawling, 400-yard-long inventory corridors.

Among the many innovative cameras offered by our partners at Axis Communications, special corridor cameras made it possible to monitor these areas for accidents and mistakes.

SOLUTION: Powerful Resolution

When people know they can be seen and held accountable for their actions, things change pretty fast. In fact, with new, next-gen cameras in place, this facility saw a major culture shift where employees now volunteer when a mistake is made.

In the case of the parking lot, it’s now easy to determine who’s at fault in an accident. (Better yet, the new cameras even track speed so speeders can be disciplined!)

Turnkey Solution from a

From your first call to the day you turn the cameras on, every step is covered through our partnership with Axis Communications. Both of our companies believe your video surveillance system should earn its keep by building a safer, more productive environment for your facility.

Inteleca Primary Logo

Inteleca provides project management services and, most importantly, all of the technical expertise and hardware needed to build the network for your new system.

Axis Communications is an industry leader in cutting-edge, innovative video surveillance solutions. Their experts join us in auditing your facility and consulting on the final design.

THE ROADMAP to NextGen Video Surveillance

1. Facility Audit

Inteleca and Axis Communications audit your facility to determine what’s needed.

2. Custom Design

You meet with our consultants to review and sign off on a solution.

3. Workplace Transformation

Beyond the practical applications, your overall workplace culture improves. Accountability and visibility lead to a safer, more productive environment for everyone.

Claim THE ADVANTAGES of video surveillance for your facility.

●   Achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

●   Take security to the next level.

●   Make it easier to manage employees and resolve conflicts.

●   Quickly identify and correct costly mistakes.

●   Improve quality control and compliance insurance.

●   Prevent theft.

●   Gain insight into workers comp-related incidents.

Let’s Work Together to Build Your IT Solutions

Our solutions have been designed to solve any IT challenge regardless of scope or size. In fact, we can custom design a solution that fits the scope of any project from design through to implementation and beyond.