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Watch how fast I can share a photo of my lunch

hands taking a picture of lunch

Okay, I get it: there’s a constant theme in every article I write—data, data, and more data. However, in a completely interconnected world, is that a surprise? It seems that everything we do now somehow relates to the creation of data—and although as a global society we collectively don’t think of it that way, telecom and data centers live and breathe this new paradigm every day.

Think of it this way: post something on social media—data is created. Take a photo on your phone (especially when set up to sync with cloud storage)—data is created. Send an email, surf the web, browse a website, write a note—all data driven. Then, of course, there’s what we all do every day at work outside of our online social lives. Applications that are interconnected, backed up, constantly syncing, sending and receiving newly created information—again, data, data, and more data.

And, like anything in life, necessity breeds ingenuity—in this case, the creation of new 5G networks. Caught in a never-ending demand for faster and faster speeds due to the amount of data we collectively all create in a nanosecond—5G is now the next evolutionary step in our fight for instantaneous connectivity.

With the introduction of 5G, the world is about to experience faster connections than ever before, as well as seeing better reliability for connections through smartphones and other connected mobile devices.

In fact, there’s a new world on the horizon as 5G becomes the new global standard in the months to come. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the latest research, 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than what we are currently used to—boosting the average download speeds to somewhere around the 1GBps spectrum.

So, why the need for faster speeds? As stated before, our addiction to data and what it represents seemingly knows no bounds. With hot topics such as digital transformation (everything from the dissolving of IT silos to the demand for highly interconnected micro systems) a new world is upon us.

From our shopping habits, social habits, self-driving cars, IoT, smart grid technologies—the list is endless—our world is becoming not just smaller, but completely intertwined. And with the introduction of 5G already here, the next 24 months will see it become the global norm.

Along with this, the need for data centers, telecoms, and utility companies to keep up with the pace of data demand will mean far more than just 5G and its mobile implications. It will mean better and faster technology inside those facilities and networks to handle the load demands, storage, backup, business continuity, and so on.

Therefore, be prepared folks, because the number of photos I’m going to post of my sandwiches and lattes is about to know no bounds!