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Why Cisco Users Should Consider Juniper for their Networking Equipment Needs

With lots of name brands to choose from, choosing the right networking equipment provider can be difficult. Two of the leading options, Juniper Networks and Cisco, each offer superior networking equipment, and both organizations scored overall positive ratings of 4.6/5, based on user reviews (Sah-weet!).

While Cisco is a well-known, highly respected company, Juniper is now giving them a run for their money with equipment that offers great value, scalability, top-notch security, and more. If you’re looking to invest in Juniper (or any other brand’s) equipment, rely on Inteleca for affordable prices, fast-shipping/in stock product, installation support, product recommendations, and more.

Companies should consider Juniper’s IT networking equipment because of its multiple benefits, which include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Juniper offers competitive pricing and its high performance equipment can be a more affordable option compared to Cisco. Certain products, including Juniper’s routers and switches, are typically less expensive than Cisco’s offerings.
  • Integration. Switching to Juniper equipment is an easy transition for businesses if they currently have Cisco or other brands, based on how the equipment is designed. Juniper’s robust equipment offerings have been specifically designed to integrate with modern technical infrastructure environments, including 5G networks, IoT applications, etc.
  • Scalability. Many businesses use Juniper equipment to create their high-performance networks, and it’s easy for companies to expand their IT infrastructure as their business grows. As organizations scale, they can depend on Juniper equipment’s reliability, flexibility, and scalability to meet their company’s ever-changing needs.
  • Low overhead. Juniper focuses on core routing technologies, which reduces their overhead tremendously. On the other hand, Cisco sells an entire ecosystem of hardware and software, which means its customers must invest substantial time, effort, and funds into setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting Cisco’s solutions.
  • Security. Security is, of course, at the front of customers’ minds, and Juniper’s high-level security focuses on the physical security of the hardware, operating system security, and configuration-based security. For instance, Juniper’s operating system supports Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus (TACACS+), a method of authenticating users for routers and switches. Managed by a central authority, it only allows authenticated users to access any router, switch, or gateway on a network. 

Additionally, Juniper supports Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection so a network can still operate normally while under attack. DDoS works by identifying the source of the attack and applying a route engine switchover so the rest of the network can resume functionality. Juniper also prevents hacking with its SRX Next Generation Firewall, which blocks threats in real time, protecting companies’ networks, data centers, and cloud applications.

  • A broad portfolio. Juniper’s robust portfolio of high-performance networking equipment is designed for modern environments, like 5G networks and IoT applications. Juniper offers a variety of networking products, including routers, switches, cloud networking solutions, as well as security and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. Its experience-first approach and AI-driven IT solutions improve its customers’ operational efficiencies, innovation capabilities, and security, and prepares networks for the future.

Juniper’s equipment offers a wealth of other benefits, including competitive pricing, scalability, security, low overhead and integration. They have proven unequivocally that they’re a viable alternative to Cisco.

Let the Inteleca experts evaluate your architecture and hardware needs, so you can get the best solution for your budget. Our engineers are loyal to you, not brands, so they can recommend the right option and provide the install support. Whether you choose Cisco, Juniper, or another solution, contact us to discuss your unique business needs and goals.