Picture this: you’re designing your new data center, and the world is your digital oyster. The obvious choice is to buy all the new toys, right? Not so fast. 

Companies all over the world have learned to maximize their budget by gearing up with a combo of new and refurbished hardware.

Do You Mean Used Hardware?

We get it. It may feel dicey to invest in refurbished tech if you’re used to buying equipment straight from the manufacturer, but reputable secondary market retailers, like Inteleca, have your back with warranties, ongoing support, and guarantees to make sure you’re getting a quality product.

Just like cars lose value as soon as they’re taken off the lot, new hardware and electronics start to lose value the minute you crack open the box, making refurbished equipment much more attractive and practical for many businesses. 

Worried that you aren’t the original owner? To follow the car metaphor, purchasing refurbished tech isn’t like buying a beat-up, 20-year-old Volvo from an equally beat-up used car lot (or off Facebook marketplace). This is more like buying a certified used car from Toyota with low mileage and years of excellent performance left in it.

Reputable sellers carry a variety of products including used, refurbished, and “like new” hardware. Some items may even still be new-in-box from canceled projects, overstock, or businesses that have closed. 

Still Not Convinced? Refurbished Hardware Has Many Advantages Over New.

There are so many reasons to use refurbished hardware in your design, but here are a few of the most compelling . . . 

  • It’s Cost Effective – At the top of the list for obvious reasons, refurbished hardware can cost half as much as new hardware, and sometimes even less. Who doesn’t like to save money while investing in high-quality equipment?
  • It’s Environmentally Conscious -While new products are a necessary component to any design, manufacturing, in general,does take a toll on Mother Earth. When you also factor in the number of natural resources needed to manufacture tech, it’s a big impact. When you buy refurbished equipment when it fits your need, not only are you extending the product lifecycle, but you are also reducing environmental impact and minimizing your company’s environmental footprint.
  • It’s Available Right Now – When you order all new hardware, you may end up waiting months and sometimes even years for your equipment. (Yeah, yeah—we know, you know about the chip shortage.) Refurbished products are already manufactured, stocked, and waiting to be purchased— and shipped overnight if necessary.
  • Refurbished Equipment is Super Reliable – Bet you didn’t know that refurbished hardware is just as, if not more reliable than new. Most network hardware failures with new products occur within the first 30 days after purchase, causing a disruption in your operations once you realize you have a bum piece of equipment to replace. Quality secondary market products, on the other hand, have been cleaned, tested, and put through a rigorous certification process before being shipped to you. 
  • Great Warranty Protection– Depending on the seller, your refurbished product may come with an even better warranty than the original manufacturer provides. Like most reputable sellers, Inteleca’s end-users enjoy a warranty that covers most of our equipment for life! For resellers of our products, we also offer a warranty period of 90 days from our invoice date. Plus, we also offer an additional 10-day warranty for products having visible/cosmetic damage.
  • Superior Service and Support– Since third-party vendors are often smaller companies, they pride themselves on personal service and long-lasting relationships. Not only is their support often more cost-effective than larger vendors, but they are also able to support hardware from multiple vendors at once, providing a single point of contact for great client service. 

Inteleca is an industry leader in all aspects of the secondary IT hardware market, including Inteleca-certified, pre-owned networking hardware. 

And for those moments where new gear is the right answer, we also carry the best in brand new IT equipment.

Contact us here, and one of our engineers will reach out to schedule a call to discuss your options and help you maximize your hardware investment. 

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