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Why You Should Buy Refurbished Cisco Hardware

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Cisco produces some of the highest quality network hardware in the world, and due to its popularity, it has usually been easy to find both new and refurbished Cisco products. Sadly, the pervasive chip shortage makes sourcing new equipment a challenge. So, how can you adapt without sacrificing quality?

Well, any fans of the Rocky movies out there? Remember how he won the day in Rocky II? (A highly underrated sequel we must say. This flick is awesome!) Rocky’s a southpaw (left-handed) fighter, but to win the match, Rocky learns how to fight just as hard and just as well with his right hand. 

Purchasing refurbished Cisco products is your switch from one hand to the other. This gear will fight just as hard so you can win the day—and it’s available NOW. 

But beyond our boxing analogy, here are some more practical reasons to consider buying refurbished gear. 

1. Refurbished Cisco equipment often has a better warranty.

While new Cisco hardware typically comes with a standard 9-day warranty, reputable vendors often provide extended warranties on refurbished products. Some may even provide a lifetime guarantee!

2. Every refurbished Cisco component is tested for reliability.

Quality vendors can demonstrate outstanding reliability ratings for their products. One reason is the fact that they test every piece of hardware they sell. Manufacturers typically only spot-check once out of every 50 or 100 units.

3. Refurbished gear creates better access to spare parts.

New equipment is great and should last a long time, but no gear is perfect. When purchasing refurbished equipment, chances are you’ll have the budget for any parts you need or even have room in the budget to keep spares on hand!

In the market for Cisco hardware but struggling to find it new? Check out this full list of reasons why you should buy it refurbished. 

One last boxing thought: Rocky uses both hands in the ring, and you need reliable sources of both new gear and refurbished. When you’re able to switch from your refurbished right hand back to your normal southpaw, you’re ready to knock some problems out and move on to the next fight. 

Inteleca is an industry leader in all aspects of the secondary IT hardware market. We not only certify the quality of all of our refurbished products, including Cisco, but we also back them with a lifetime warranty. Contact us here, and one of our engineers will reach out to schedule a call to discuss your options and guide you down the right path forward.