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8 Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Manager

Cheerful young manager handshaking with new employee

The process of hiring an employee is an investment requiring a considerable amount of time. … which equals money. … and sometimes literal funds. Depending on the source, researchers claim it costs anywhere from $4,000 to $7,600 to hire a new employee (ouch!). This is why it’s so important to hire the right person for the job; if you hire the wrong person and they leave after a couple of months, you just wasted a few thousand dollars, as well as added the additional hassle of orienting and training another person. 

On top of that, hiring technical managers is a whole different ball game from hiring technical workers. Instead of hiring a person who’s technically proficient in the areas specific to your business, you now need someone with management skills and potential. If you think about all of the quirky, introverted tech people you know, you realize that can be a tricky combo to find.

Whether you’re at a growing business and hiring an IT Manager for the first time, or replacing someone on their way out, there are some things you should consider when starting the process that will hopefully keep you from wasting your time and money. Read more HERE.