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8 Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Manager

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Cheerful young manager handshaking with new employee

8 Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Manager

The process of hiring an employee is an investment requiring a considerable amount of time. … which equals money. … and sometimes literal funds. Depending on the source, researchers claim it costs anywhere from $4,000 to $7,600 to hire a new employee (ouch!). This is why it’s so important to hire the right person for […]

The abstract image of the inside of hard disk

Why You Can Buy NEW Hardware from the Secondary (Used) Market

Based on its rate of growth, the management at a large internet service provider (let’s call them … Definity) thinks they’ll need a certain amount of the latest wireless modems for their customers. Definity orders that amount (plus a few extra just in case) from a major manufacturer (OEM) like Cisco. However, their customer base […]

New Year celebration

Is it time to sing Auld Lang Syne yet?

Is it just me or is this a weird time of year? A time simultaneously filled with nostalgia and reflection paired with hopes and predictions for what’s to come. It’s the holiday equivalent of the last three months of high school where suddenly everyone gets along and wishes everyone a great summer. And you know […]

AI Data Center

AI and the Modern Data Center

When it comes to tech talk, there don’t seem to be many conversations these days that don’t revolve around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or its impact. From the broad world of digital transformation to the more focused threads IoTand human interaction—whatever the case, AI is at the core of the new modern world. […]


Clouds, AI, IoT, and the inability for the world to make up its mind

The world of IT is ever-changing—and by that I mean will it ever make up its mind as to what trend comes next? For instance, just a few short years ago everything was about the fear of moving to the cloud. Then, a few short years (if not months) after that trend, came the fear […]

Berris Bueller quote

When it comes to your data center, listen to Ferris Bueller

Hands down, one of my all-time favorite movies is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—and aside from the side splitting comedy, one quote always stands out to this day as being almost Zen-like in nature. Said simply by Mr. Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss […]

highway sign on a road

It’s Huawei or the Highway

For all of the articles that Inteleca publishes regarding IT security and the nefarious threats that lurk around every corner, sometimes it’s good to tackle different subjects. You know, like the ever-present paranoia that accompanies IT security. Now, all jokes aside—oh, and there will be jokes—the challenge that we all face in today’s global society […]

two iPhones

What does the new iPhone have to do with your data center?

It’s amazing how one company can seemingly produce so much buzz—I am, of course, referring to the latest Apple news regarding, yet again, a new set of iPhones coming to a store near all of us in the coming weeks. And though it may seem like just more marketing chatter, there is a very real […]

Red light in IT

All of those blinking red lights are making me nervous

There is nothing quite like new IT gear. And whether it is brand new, or secondary market, the excitement of the possibilities and solved challenges can be intoxicating. Of course, as I wrote that sentence, I realized that some may find that a tad bit geeky on my part—but so be it.  However, with new […]

thumbs up on green and thumbs down on red

Digital Transformation is cool. Crippling your IT infrastructure is not.

No matter where I turn these days, I cannot help but overhear conversations about digital transformation and why it’s so important. After all, for most people it has come to mean that without innovation and people-oriented development of new services, programs, and connectivity, companies will begin their short and quick fall to an unfortunate demise. […]