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Battle E-Waste by Making the Most of Your IT

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The average business is projected to spend 22% more on technology infrastructure, staff, systems, and upgrades this year. Part of that expense will be replacing old equipment with new systems. Unfortunately, discarding old electronic equipment that becomes part of a landfill is a growing e-waste problem. 

The Problem with E-Waste

Global e-waste reached 54 million metric tons in 2019, according to the United Nations, growing by 21% between 2014 and 2019, a pace that leads to e-waste doubling in 16 years. Fortunately, IT providers like Inteleca have taken note and offer sustainable options for clients to repurpose, reuse, recycle, re-sell or dispose of older equipment in an eco-conscious way.

How IT Partners Can Provide Solutions

That’s one of the reasons Inteleca, a global provider of IT Business Solutions, rebranded our tagline to, “Make the Most of IT.” We want companies to know technology shouldn’t be a one-time investment. These assets can be leveraged to deliver many more benefits over time with the right IT partner. 

Inteleca helps strategically source and install businesses enterprise systems using both legacy and new equipment, providing seamless integration with a variety of products and services, including IT installation, hardware, security, and more. We also practice sustainable business principles and offer clients repurposing options at the end of a product’s lifecycle.

Solutions include equipment retirement plans, asset refreshes, equipment reuse programs, inventory management programs, and end-of-lease returns. For decommissioned assets, Inteleca offers a variety of resale solutions: outright purchase, consignment, trade-in for future credit, or a combination of these approaches. For assets that have no recoverable value, we offer responsible recycling solutions according to EPA guidelines.

A Leader in the “Circular Economy”

“Inteleca is an IT partner that helps companies create an infrastructure that delivers seamless, secure functionality both internally and externally. Inteleca’s products and services demonstrate that IT can continually contribute to a company’s specific goals and objectives. We leverage these assets to deliver more value over time,” said Paul Hogg, CEO of Inteleca.

We also offers a variety of IT products, including servers, switchers, transceivers, servers, cables, and services including:

About Inteleca

The company is an industry leader in all aspects of the secondary IT hardware market, including Inteleca-certified, pre-owned networking hardware, as well as the acquisition of decommissioned IT hardware as a part of its ITAD services. Inteleca is an integral part of a global partner network that facilitates equipment delivery worldwide. Inteleca spends every day thinking about the full lifecycle management of IT assets. For more information, visit