Asset Lifecycle Management

It’s impossible to maintain peace of mind when your asset management system fails to deliver full transparency and compliance.

Focus On What You Do Best

With our solution, we take care of your IT infrastructure while you focus on what you do best. Our Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions benefit both the organization and its stakeholders. It delivers client transparency through sale and audit reporting, controls IT costs, maximizes the value of your IT equipment, eliminates data security risks, and contributes to environmental sustainability. And, through compliance with ISO9001:2015 we ensure that we deliver consistent, high-quality products and services to our clients.

Limitless Equipment Options

Our solution includes equipment retirement plans, asset refreshes, equipment re-use programs, inventory management programs and end-of-lease returns. For your decommissioned assets, we offer a variety of resale solutions: outright purchase, consignment, trade-in for future credit, or a combination of these approaches.  For assets that have no recoverable value, we offer responsible recycling solutions according to EPA guidelines.

Proper Data Destruction

We ensure the proper destruction of sensitive data by following Department of Defense standards, which is one of the most common sanitization methods used in data destruction software. Our Data Wipe and Destruction Services include wiping and sanitizing hard drives, thumb drives and most data devices, removing the data and then reselling the product. You receive a report that certifies 100 percent erasure and destruction of data on any IT assets processed at our facilities.

Inventory Management Solutions


Secure Logistics – Shipping & Receiving

Your assets are fully protected throughout the transportation process—from door to door.


Secure Warehousing

Secure and protect your assets in our monitored, restricted access, climate controlled lab and storage facility.


Asset Audit

Identify discrepancies and keep your company transparent and compliant through our audit process. We can audit your products down to the component-level—either on-site or at your facility.

Asset Testing & Reporting

We have testing capabilities for virtually all your data center products, and we have the facilities to securely file your test reports in perpetuity.

Data Migration

You can save significant time and effort because, regardless of size, we can either assist with your data migration, or lead your data migration.

Asset Storage & Redeployment

If you have surplus infrastructure, we can store it for you in our secure facility—if you need it, we can deploy it at a moments’ notice.

Choose the right solution for your next IT project

Our solutions have been designed to solve any IT challenge regardless of scope or size. In fact, we can custom design a solution that fits the scope of any project from design through to implementation and beyond.

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