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What if there was HGTV for the IT Industry?

Okay, so let’s all come forward and admit it: every once in a while, checking out the latest trends on HGTV can be a guilty pleasure. Whether it’s a new deck, new kitchen, or complete home renovation, the trials and tribulations of everyday life paired with new trends can be somewhat captivating.

Now, picture that same channel dedicated to the IT industry—I think I just came up with the best new channel to hit TV since ESPN, okay, perhaps not. But it would still be cool.

Think of it this way: there are far too many trends in IT these days to keep up with them. From security, to infrastructure, and more, there is no end to what IT professionals must take into consideration minute by minute just to keep the proverbial machine rolling. And nothing seems to be more complicated these days than data centers. They are, after all, the epicenter of almost everything we do every day. Along with that comes a plethora of data and logistics to deal with—much more than many realize.

So, here comes HGTV—for people in IT 😉

We can call it DCTV (Datacenter TV). Just think of the shows we could produce. First comes the new show “Location, Location, Location”—because everyone knows that putting your datacenter in the right place is paramount—or do they? The host of this show would have to point out the essentials such as delivering insight on almost everything—from where potential flood plains are, to earthquake zones, to storm-prone areas—all to ensure that the new data center facility will survive and will not be washed away next spring when the snow melts.

In addition, the location as a corporate investment can be equally important. After all, real estate is still real estate, right? Is the neighborhood poised for growth? Will there be ongoing construction? Could zoning change? All these combined provide a lesson in what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.

Then, of course, there is Project Management. Imagine the episodes in a reality TV show that portray the ongoing drama of companies that have inadequate project managers. You could witness everyone from electricians, to construction workers, to IT infrastructure specialists all behind schedule, over budget, and arguing. Just insert the occasional celebrity guest, and we’ll have a winner.

Then, there’s the serious side. A purely economic show hosted by someone like Fareed Zakaria. A show where the focus is on global economic strategy and how it can affect opportunities including reduction in real estate costs, real estate and corporate tax, and even utilities with the global economy shifting to renewable energy resources. This would be the “classy” show.

So, what’s missing? An X-Files-like program? A program with a focus on 24/7/365 monitoring and deep security to ensure data center safety. I can picture it now: Mulder and Scully uncovering the truth surrounding DDoS attacks and the involvement of the Russians to infiltrate our secrets. Because, as we all know, the truth is out there.

And lastly, there’s the global perspective. We produce a show hosted by Anthony Bourdain who takes executives around the world. They meet with a plethora of experts to gain insight into local markets, they experience the culture, and they imbibe the intricacies of international data center transactions … and the food, because IT people need to eat too.

So, what do you think? Do we have a winning lineup this season? Or maybe I should just go back to watching HGTV to learn a few things so I can finally install that light fixture in my kitchen, the one my wife has been wanting for over five years. Decisions, decisions.