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2023 Network Hardware Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Save on Costs

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Internal IT Equipment in the cloud

2023 Network Hardware Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Save on Costs

2023 Network Hardware Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Save on Costs

southwest airplane

Antiquated Technology Caused Southwest & FAA’s Operational Collapses

Southwest Airlines experienced a “perfect storm” when 16,000+ flights were canceled, creating a “catastrophic operational collapse” over the holidays. While storms contributed, Southwest’s outdated computer system turned the weather-related problems into a crisis. Southwest, which was using an outdated IT infrastructure, admitted that their IT capabilities lagged behind other airlines. In another catastrophe, the Federal […]

lock and chain on a laptop

Trends in IT Physical Security

While the pandemic raised questions and concerns about data security for remote workers, there’s another side of the coin in IT security which is often overlooked. With traditional in-office setups becoming a thing of the past, and work-from-home models swiftly becoming the norm for most companies, one is left to wonder, “How can we keep […]

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How IT Can Contribute to Having a More Sustainable Business

In 2019 alone, the world disposed of around 300 million tons of plastic. (How do you even wrap your mind around that?) Then, floating around somewhere near that sea of plastic in 2019 was 53.6 million tons of e-waste, according to the UN. And in the US, only 15% of it was recycled.  This all […]

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A Look at the Top Data Breaches of 2021 and How Breaches Happen

Every business had its ups and downs in 2021. We know you had some bad days, but did you have a “We just leaked the personal information of 533 million users!” kind of day?  Facebook woke up to this data breach nightmare in April. Meanwhile, data breaches grew by a massive leap of 17 percent […]

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Will Cloud Computing Kill Mainframes? Maybe, Not Yet.

For companies in data-driven industries like healthcare, insurance, and finance, mainframe systems have been the trusted workhorse in business IT solutions for seventy years. They easily process behemoth volumes of information and transactions and offer secure data storage, catch errors quickly, and are dependable for avoiding crashes and downtime. Tech experts predicted the decline of […]

old computer equipment

How to Recover Value on Your IT Junk Closet

Ever watch Storage Wars? The reality TV show follows people who purchase abandoned storage units at auction, in hopes of acquiring a forgotten treasure trove of items that can be resold at top dollar. IT closets and surplus storage rooms are a similarly overlooked source of value for companies. Packed with forgotten equipment that’s gathering […]

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Should Commodity Businesses Care about CX? Yes, Here’s Why

For many businesses, a high quality Customer Experience gives them a competitive edge, drawing customers away from “the other guy.” But what if you provide a service in an industry where customers traditionally haven’t had a preference or weren’t given an option about which services they use? Yes, CX matters to you, too!  Times are […]

fiber optics

Why Invest in a Fiber Optics Network for your Business?

If your business is in tech (and aren’t all businesses these days?), you know the importance of a smooth-running, secure network that imposes limited downtime for employees and customers. And if your network architecture is still built on older copper cabling, you’ve probably considered upgrading to a fiber optic network. Perhaps you’ve been hesitant to […]

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How WFH Is Changing Cybersecurity and Shifting Responsibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the meaning of “business as usual,” particularly when it comes to working from home. Yet, remote cybersecurity is something many companies continue to struggle with, even after a year of living in this new normal.  A survey of 3,000 tech execs and IT professionals found that 61% of companies […]