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The Major Benefits of Refurbished Hardware

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Repairman working in technical support fixing computer laptop

The Major Benefits of Refurbished Hardware

Why We Love Coming in Second Like brand new cars, new hardware and electronics lose value the minute they “leave the lot,” making refurbished equipment much more attractive and practical for many businesses. Inteleca’s products are a variety of used, refurbished, and “like new” hardware, and not all are “pre-owned.” Some items may have been […]

Inteleca magazine January 2019

Inteleca IT Magazine Issue 4

Though I have never been one who has been described as overly sentimental, there’s something about the New Year that always strikes me in a certain way: a look back on what I did well and, of course, reflecting on what I could have improved on. And then there’s the year ahead, the perfect time […]

Inteleca magazine October 2018

Inteleca IT Magazine Issue 3

So, here we are again—another quarter come and gone and we are still in the magazine business. Now, I know that I seem to mention this every quarter, but it’s seriously still a little odd. We are, as you well know, an IT Business Solutions company. And though my instinct is to talk tech 24/7, […]

Inteleca magazine June 2018

Inteleca IT Magazine Issue 2

Firstly, I want to begin by saying thank you to all the readers for making the first issue of our quarterly magazine such an overwhelming success. In the first few months working with our communications team, we all wondered whether or not it would be well received—the fact that we are now releasing issue #2 […]

Inteleca magazine February 2018

Introducing Inteleca’s New Quarterly Magazine!

It’s official. I lead a bizarre life—not that I’m complaining. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s simply the realization that as I sit here writing the first Letter From the Editor for Inteleca’s new IT magazine, it dawned on me that we now actually have a quarterly IT magazine. So here we are: a […]